About Us

Trump Roast was created by instigator, Drew Mueske in late 2016 and early 2017. Drew designed and play tested Trump Roast and even tried a small pre-sale to friends and family by selling a collector's edition version of Trump Roast. A few dozen sold, but it wasn't enough and we refunded the money and let the game go dormant.

The thing is, friends kept asking where to buy the game. So, Drew decided to revamp the game and launch it the way we should have the first time – on Kickstarter! Our Kickstarter will go live January 28th, 2020.

Drew has founded 6 businesses and currently operates Offbeat Press and Hype Visual. Drew wasn't born with a golden meat fork and he doesn't have a billion dollar daddy. Drew founded his first venture, Progress Label on no-interest credit cards in his parent's basement. He slowly built his small business career over the last 15+ years from ideas to realities.

Drew has partnered with Adrian "boy toy" Mulloy to ignite and launch Trump Roast on Kickstarter. Adrian is a local comic aficionado, F-List actor and hip-hop promoter at Anti-Famous. His pretty good looks and wild charm have earned him a seat on the Charlie Sheen show, shared beautiful letters with Kim Jong-un, danced with Green Bay Packers and shared stages with hundreds of musicians.

Thanks for wanting to hear our best words. Of course our words aren't as good as Donald's, but they might make more sense. We are also interested in hearing your best words at bestwords@trumproastgame.com and social media at facebook, instagram and twitter.