About Us

Trump Roast was created by designer and entrepreneur Drew Mueske in late 2016 and early 2017. We tried our hand at launching the game through friends and family on inauguration day 2017 by selling a screen printed collector's edition version of the game. We sold a few dozen, but that wasn't enough to fund the game production. We refunded the customers and put the game on hold for awhile.

The thing is, people kept asking about the game. So, we've decided to revamp it and launch it the way we should have the first time – on Kickstarter. Our Kickstarter goes live on the first Tuesday in November, 3 years after Donald took office which also happens to be Drew's birthday and Guy Fawkes Day, the 5th of November 2019.

Drew is also owner and founder of Offbeat Press, Hype Visual and a few other creative ventures. Drew wasn't born with a golden meat fork, he doesn't have a billion dollar daddy. Drew started his first business on no-interest credit cards and slowly built his businesses. 

Thanks for your interest in wanting to hear our best words. Of course our words aren't as good as Donald's, but you might find they make more sense. If you have a pressing policy question, we would love to hear it. Send your best words to trumproastgame@gmail.com